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Skilled Legal Representation For Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Disputes between landlords and tenants may arise due to a number of issues or disagreements between the parties involved. Such causes may involve nonpayment of rent, eviction orders, maintenance and repair responsibilities. However, disputes may quickly escalate to become expensive and complex matters.

I am attorney Mark DiFonte, and I am ready to assist you after a diligent analysis of your legal needs and paperwork. I will thoroughly explain your situation to find remedies for the current dispute you face or protect your rights before the relevant courts. I represent landlords and tenants, which provides me with a comprehensive understanding of your legal issue. Moreover, my experience in real estate law cases may also bring a valuable perspective to your case.

Knowledgeable Legal Representation For Landlords

Legal actions to protect your property may be costly and lengthy, and any mistake may easily delay the process. As a landlord, you have rights over your property, and I will guide you through your options and help you navigate the legal procedures required. I am ready to help you with the requirements to file an unlawful retainer complaint or petition before the relevant courts, among other issues, such as:

  • Severe damage to your property
  • Nonpayment of rent and other expenses like utility bills
  • Money owed that exceeds the amount available in a security deposit
  • Use of your property for illegal reasons or illegally having a pet on your premises

Standing Up For The Rights Of Tenants

I also represent the rights and best interests of tenants facing evictions, or those who wish to make their landlords fulfill their contractual obligations, like providing proper maintenance to a property. Other issues I have handled include unlawfully retaining your security deposit.

At DiFonte Law Group, LLC, I am ready to assist you in drafting a demand letter to discuss and reach agreements to avoid court. I will also counsel you about when suing your landlord may be an option and the associated risks and benefits involved.

Get Customized Solutions To Meet Your Legal Needs

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