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At DiFonte Law Group, LLC, I can help you determine how together we can obtain a resolution to your case that is in your best interests.

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Legal problems can lead to overwhelming stress. For many people, they do not know where to begin the process of finding a solution to their legal matters. At DiFonte Law Group, LLC, I can help. I’m Mark DiFonte and I have more than 20 years of experience with bankruptcy law, business law and real estate matters.

Get A ‘Fresh Start’ With Bankruptcy

Some people are worried about how a bankruptcy filing may affect their future. They worry that it will negatively affect their credit rating. The reality is, if you are considering bankruptcy, your financial condition is serious, and your creditors already have begun factoring this into your credit rating.

The advantage of bankruptcy is that it can provide both relief from the stress and harassment of debt collectors and allow you to quickly begin rebuilding your finances and your credit.

Business Law, Real Estate And Landlord-Tenant Matters

Business transactions often need the supervisory eye of an attorney who understands the implications of the transaction. Real estate matters often involve contracts that include legally dense language that can be broken down by an experienced lawyer. Landlord-tenant issues involve specifics of each state’s laws, ensuring my client’s rights are protected.
Each client presents a unique set of facts. I can carefully evaluate your situation based upon the applicable laws, as well as your goals for the outcome of the case.

I can also assist with a variety of other legal matters including real estate and civil litigation. I’m licensed in  Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. Call my North Andover office at 978-346-5045, or use my online contact form to make an appointment.

DiFonte Law Group, LLC is a debt relief agency. I help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.